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Youth Ministry Forms

If ever taking part in an event that takes the student off-site under the care of Northview, we require a parental consent statement.


Also in the event that the student does not have a medical release form on file, one must be filled out to take part in any of the aforementioned special events incase an emergency should arise.

Those forms can be found here:

Medical Release Front Page

Medical Release Back Page

Northview Parental Consent Statement

When: November 19-21
Where: Beulah Beach
How much? $135 (see Pastor Mark if you need additional help)
You'll also need a medical release (if you've never filled one out before)
You'll also need a Northview Permission Form (regardless of whether you've filled one out)
Click the link below to register!
(You'll need to create an account through Beulah's system if you've not before)

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